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2015-2016 SGT Agendas

2016-2017 SGT Agendas

2017-2018 SGT Agendas




2015-2016 Minutes

2016-2017 MInutes

2017-2018 Minutes

2018-2019 Minutes

Actions Taken

Members and Meeting Times

School Governance Team

2019-2020 Agendas

2019-2020 Minutes

2018-2019 AGENDAS

2018-2019 MINUTES


School Governance Team Members

Sheila Pressley Principal

Beth Lord Teacher

Jennifer Robertson Teacher

Loren Adams Parent

Chad Thomas Parent 

Burt Holmes Community Member

Bryan Westmoreland Community Member


Chairman:  Jennifer Robertson

Vice Chairman:  Burt Holmes

Secretary:  Beth Lord


Dates for Meetings 

2nd Thursday of each month at 12:00 (Please note * for changes) 


August 8 

September 12

October 17*

January 16*

February 13

March 12

April 16*

May  14